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These rules serve to protect you, the server and the community and ensure you have a great experience with us at Prestige Alliance. Read them carefully before entering the game, you can return to them at any time by typing !rules when in game Please note that rules are subject to being updated at our discretion

By connecting to our Clone Wars server you agree to the following rules and guidelines, in breaching these rules you agree to be punished fairly as determined by our Staff Team.These rules serve to protect you, the server and the community and ensure you have a great experience with us at Prestige Alliance. Read them carefully before entering the game, you can return to them at any time by clicking F4 when in game.

Server Rules


  • The use of Cheats, Hacks or Glitch exploitation is strictly prohibited. We operate a zero-tolerance policy to cheaters. You will be banned permanently

  • All community members are to be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of age, race, gender or any factors. Discrimination, hate speech, and bullying is not tolerated here. Be courteous of other members when on the server to ensure that the server is a positive environment to be for all players

  • Do not prop surf, this is when you use a prop and lift it in order to gain a height advantage, rule doesn’t apply to jedi if they use it in RP using force powers from Wiltos

  • Do not say anything explicit, upsetting or harmful in our chats

  • Do not RDM also known as 'Random Deathmatch (RDM) or 'Mass RDM

  • Do not Metagame. Metagaming is the use of any form of information generated out of character

  • Do not FailRP. All situations should be handled in character

  • English must be used at all times in OOC

  • Racism, Discriminatory or Defamatory language used against players, admins or any member of the community will result in a punishment

  • Do not mic spam, or play any type of micspam down your mic

  • Do not advertise other non-PA related servers. This includes non-official Discords.




  • Do not use /c for OOC matters, all comms are to be treated as a communication system/devic when comms have been disabled by the enemy, refrain from using them and remind other players in OOC not to use them.

  • You must /me to if you are roleplaying actions locally i.e. jedi meditating, if the RP concerns a wider amount of players then /rp may be used. 

  • If Jedi are fighting an enemy, do not engage their opponent.

  • This server abides by the NLR, a.k.a the New Life Rule. This means that you do not have any knowledge from your previous life regarding whatever event is taking place.

  • Promotions must be handled in-character and when on the server.

  • Weapons may not be dropped to other players who do not spawn with that specific weapon unless RP requires to do so such as an EC dropping weapons

  • Grapple Hook cannot be used to grapple other players or ships (although with a valid RP reason you may grapple ships).

  • ‘Poor quality Roleplay’ or 'PowerGaming' is classed as taking stuff too far out the confines of role playing and acting out of the ordinary for a clone. A laugh and joke never hurt anyone but keep it to a high roleplay standard or you may be warned, kicked or banned from the server.



  • Regiment Rules can change with their Commanders permission or the Generals permission.

  • Regiment changes must be coordinated with your Executive officer or Commanding Officer as well confirmed with RSC.

  • Tryouts may only be held with permission from the RSC if they're online, if no RSC are on then Commanders may do them at will.

  • Special Equipment, Vehicles and weapons may only be used with Commander's permission

  • Arrests may only be up to 20 minutes upon entry to the brig (out of character jails can be indefinite)

  • You may only use the taser if there is a valid reason.

  • Take arrested cadets to the training room, they need to be trained.

  • Grapple hooks may only be used in events or training with RSC permission.

  • In game /name abuse may result in you being kicked from the server. Your in game name should only be used to identify the character that you’re currently playing as.




  • Promotions are at the discretion of the Commander of a regiment

  • Commanders can delegate promotion responsibilities to their officers in whatever manner they deem suitable

  • All players between the ranks of TROOPER - CORPORAL can be promoted to a MAXIMUM of once a day

  • Any players at the rank of SERGEANT - COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR can only be promoted once every 2 days minimum
    Any players at the rank of 2nd LIEUTENANT - EXECUTIVE OFFICER can only be promoted once every 3 days minimum

  • Promotions should not be handed out with a valid reason. We expect Commanding Officers to maintain a standard of integrity and ensure promotions are earned.



  • Jedi must ONLY go down the [WiltOS] skill tree that coincides with the path that you have chosen. If there is suspicion that you have been assigning your points incorrectly or abusing the system, Staff Team reserve the right to ask and review what skill trees you have activated. Failure to comply may result in your skill trees/points being reset.

  • Leap may only be used in events and training.

  • Jedi cannot use Sith force powers (unless your character has specific access to these abilities for any reason).

  • Lightsabers must remain inactive unless in combat or training.

  • Lightsabers may only be green, blue or yellow and may not have a dark inner blade.

  • Force heal may not be used to heal clone troopers above allocated health or in combat.

  • Sith hilts, colors or sounds may not be used (unless specifically allowed for your character)

  • You must uphold the Jedi Code rulebook set out by Yoda.


  • Listen to the event specific briefing before the event start

  • Do not fool around, stick to whoever is leading your group.



  • As a Unaffiliated Mandalorian or Bounty Hunter Droid, you cannot kill any republic personnel unless you were hired by somebody to do so, this should follow the Bounty Rules listed below.

  • Bounties must be a minimum 25,000 credits. This is to stop people abusing it. You can charge your own rates after 25,000. You are also welcome to charge a ‘discretion’ charge, this is where you do not have to announce the target and who it was placed by as shown below

  • If you are not doing a discretion job, you have to use /rp and announce ‘BOUNTY PLACED [TARGET:*PERSON*] PLACED BY PERSO

  • If it is discrete you can announce ‘BOUNTY PLACED [TARGET:*CLASSIFIED*] PLACED BY CLASSIFIED’.

  • You may only take a bounty every 30 minutes.

  • When entering any republic base or area, you are considered a contractor of the republic, and are expected to follow all military rules (can be overridden by Event Staf

  • If an event is taking place, it is the Event Planner’s discretion to allow or deny the use of the Donator Pack Jobs for that particular event. This is to minimize FailRP or to ensure the story being told is serious/going as planned.

  • Clone Force 99 should be following orders given, even though in the SW universe they are notorious for not following orders; you must follow orders and execute them just as any other trooper would.

  • Further Outer Rim Rules here: [PA] The Outer Rim Pac


  • All donations are considered as support patronage to the server, in return for your donation you will be provided with in-game items, jobs, and/or resources as a gesture of appreciation, these donation perks will be provided to you. If you abuse these roles we may remove them from you.

  • If you are abusing your donation roles we reserve the right to remove your permissions and/or exchange them for a different package.

  • All donations are final and cannot be refunded. Digital products are exchanged, therefore refunds are not possible. [We may permit exceptions to you on an ad-hoc basis]

    Do not go AFK on single slot donator jobs. Please switch to another job before doing so. Staff reserve the right to kick you or force change your job if you are hogging a slot. If caught doing this consistently, you may have your job revoked for a period of time.

  • Donation packages are subject to change depending on demand, playability, and for what is in the best interests of the server.


  • Do not whitelist yourself or play any roles that you are not authorized to. This includes donator roles.

  • Staff must act mature in a manner and not break rules - you are a role model to other players.

  • The whitelist system must not be abused. You may not abuse the whitelist system. This includes adding your friend

  • You may not abuse any commands.


  • Follow all server rules at all times

  • Please do not spam HBOMBs unnecessarily, this means do not use them for no good reason. It must make valid RP sense.

  • Please do not handle staff situations, this is the responsibility of the staff team.

  • Ensure your events are held at a high standard, do not contain any mingey/failRP storylines

  • Do not play as RSC Character, (without permission from Owner) try to use current RSC staff as much as possible for RP purposes

  • Act mature, take feedback in a professional manner


  • You cannot use any offensive words or phrases

  • Management needs to approve your prefix.

  • You cannot promote or advertise any social media or products in your tag


  • Only use PAC3 for RP purposes (accessories, roleplay pets, body items)

  • Do not use props that could break the serve
    Don’t use pack to remodel yourself, only add accessories to the existing model is allowed

  • Do not use props/accessories that are considered inappropriate

  • Do not use PAC3 for trolling, minging or Fail RP purposes

  • Do not use any PAC3 items that include sound files (serverside - non radial), or non-star wars related props

  • Do not abuse PAC3 by making discriminating, racist or rude accessories/outfits.

  • Most importantly use common sense, do not use something that you may think could be considered abusive.

  • Failure to abide by the above rules may result in removal of PAC3 permissions.


  • Downtime = 5 players or less (no time limit)

  • No toxic behavior allowed (RDM, Exploits, Hacking etc

  • Roleplay is optional, not enforced

  • New players should still be trained

  • Promotions cannot take place during downtime (unless overruled by management)


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